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You are a Sockgoblin! One of many loyal to the Great And All Powerful And Really Important Queen, living in the secret underground goblin city. Your Queen demands all sorts of items from the surface world; coffee, really big hats, the occasional hubcap. But what she craves most are Socks.

Every year, the Queen demands a sock tithe, which is where you, little sockgoblin, come in! Every other Sockgoblin has already got their Socks, but you have been slacking! You will need to venture up into the giant world of the humans and steal the last Socks! But the humans are ready. They have prepared their traps, trained their guard animals, and hired the dreaded Sockgoblin exterminator.

You and your crew of Sockgoblins venture into the world finding adventure, danger, and most importantly, Socks! No one knows where the Socks are now but you’re confident you know where they will end up; at the feet of your Great And All Powerful And Really Important Queen!

What is Sockgoblins?

Sockgoblins is a 8 page tabletop roleplaying game for 3-6 people. You play as a crew of Sockgoblins tasked with finding socks to fill the Queen’s Sock Tithe, while one player runs the world and creates the challenges as the gamemaster! You will venture into the human world, a dangerous place full of traps, angry guards, magic, but most importantly Socks! You and your friends will collect Socks from Hoards around the human world and risk it all to make the tithe for the Queen while racing against an ever-increasing Trouble Track!

Sockgoblins in a dungeon crawl, disguised in a goblin-sized trench coat made of Socks. The players are encouraged to engage in riskier and riskier situations to increase their chances of finding enough Socks for the tithe. As they take actions, solve challenges, and combat enemies, they will move dice from their own dice pool to a giant Hoard dice pool. Upon finding a Hoard, they roll their massive pile of dice and find Socks! They collect these socks for the Queen’s tithe but also can spend those socks for their inherent magic to use special playbook-specific abilities. All wrapped up in a zany, over-the-top theme, you will need to dodge traps, escape humans and steal socks to win.


- Unique take Position and Effect system from the Forged in the Dark system

- A risk vs reward Sock Hoard! The more dangerous you make things for yourself, the more Socks you could find.

- Five different Sockgoblin playbooks from the spell weaving Seamstress to the sock throwing Haberdasher

- The Trouble Track. A game timer that not only tells you when you need to escape but introduces twists and consequences to keep things moving!

- A whole oneshot game or episodic campaign in under 10 pages.

What do you need?

- 3-6 Players, one acting as the Game Master

- Multiple 6 sided dice (at least 5 per player or tokens to track instead)

- Sockgoblins sheets

- Pencils/Pens

- 2-4 hours to create Sockgoblins and play

- SOCKS! (You can play without socks, however, it's not recommended)

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- The Boxtrolls - Graham Annable, Anthony Stacchi
For the boxtrolls sneaking into the city and the people knowing they are coming

- Grimms' Fairy Tales - Jacob Grimm, Wilhelm Grimm and their adaptations
For the typical Fairy Tale cozy and whimsical themes

-Home Alone - Chris Columbus
For the homemade traps, zaney situations and Rube Goldberg-isc situations

- Over the Garden Wall - Patrick McHale
For the cosy horror, strange places, illogical interactions and art style


Feel free to use Sockgoblins in your podcast, actual play shows, review sites or streams. You are more than welcome to contact us at poorstudents(at)gmail(dot)com for answers to questions or any other play materials. 


Thank you to Scheryn, Bryce and Kelsey. 

Sockgoblins was submitted as part of the Are you Afraid in the Dark? Jam

This work is based on Blades in the Dark, product of One Seven Design, developed and authored by John Harper, and licensed for our use under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported license.

If you are a student or otherwise financially stressed and would like a copy of Sockgoblins, please email us and we will provide a copy, no questions asked.

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